BDG Features the Tea House

The Tea House (not shown) was sited along the tree line with a great view of the harbor. Photo by Neil Alexander.

Saltonstall Architects was published in the Boston Design Guide’s blog in July 2022 for our design of The Tea House.

About a year after the completion of their main home, a large renovation project on Ned’s Point, the owners decided to add a small garden retreat closer to the waterfront. They call it the Tea House. We enjoyed designing this little gem and working once more with the owners and Costello Fine Homes on the build.

The Tea House had historic value to the owners as their property once included a similar element. When the property was subdivided years ago, the original Tea House was moved to the other lot.

Enjoy the blog and photos of the Tea House. Note: the owners did the interiors for this project as well as for the main home.

To see more photos of the main home, pictured above, click here.